Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gracie Jayne Ivie: A Birth Story

Friday, February 13 started out as just a normal, ordinary day - hosted a play group in the morning, played with my favorite little 2-year-old until nap time, picked up the house, etc. Leaving for my afternoon doctor's appointment, I jokingly told Dayne - keep your phone on you in case they tell me I've suffered being pregnant long enough and they'll induce me today! Being a little over 2 weeks from my due date, I was ready to hold this sweet little girl in my arms.

Last preggo pic - 35 weeks. 
When I arrived at my doctor's appointment, my blood pressure was THROUGH THE ROOF - the doctor informed me that I had preeclampsia. He then told me that they were admitting me to the hospital right then for induction - I was having my baby! As excited as I was to hold my sweet little girl, I suddenly become extremely anxious and scared out of my mind - was I really ready to go through labor again? Barely making it to the hospital in time to deliver, Evan's birth was extremely painful and still brought back feelings of anxiety.

They wheeled me over to the hospital and got me settled in the delivery room - I still couldn't believe I was going to have a baby. When Dayne arrived, I immediately broke into tears - yes I was excited, but extremely terrified. They started me on Pitocin and the contractions came quickly and intensely. When the anesthesiologist came in, I told him I was ready for my epidural. Because I wasn't able to get one with Evan, I was SO excited to go through the birthing process without such pain. He gave me my epidural and everything was hunky dory for the next hour/hour and a half. All of a sudden, I started gaining feeling bad in my legs...then in my back...and then all of a sudden I could feel my contractions...every single one of them! I called the nurse in and told her what was happening. When she checked me, she stared at me in disbelief as she told me that the epidural catheter had come out of my back - I was no longer hooked up to anything. Of course (with my luck) they only had one anesthesiologist at the hospital and he was tied up in an emergency C-Section. So yet again, against my wishes, I got to experience the last 3 and a half hours of childbirth without an epidural - all natural!  The anesthesiologist arrived right as I was pushing and said it was too late to put the epidural back in...lovely! He was extremely apologetic and said that he had never had the epidural catheter fall out of a patient before - of course, it had to happen to me! After some pretty intense 
contractions (pretty sure my yells and screams made me sound like a cow) and a few minutes of pushing, our little Gracie Jayne Ivie arrived into this world at 1:47am weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces and measuring 19 inches long.

When they put her in my arms, I couldn't believe that she was mine! What a sweet and precious little girl! After delivery, my blood pressure was still extremely high, so they started me on the medicine of death - Magnesium Sulfate. Let's just say that it made me feel like I had been run over by a truck. Worst of all, because I was still having preeclampsia issues, they kept Gracie in the NICU and made me stay flat in bed. The first day, I was able to visit Gracie twice. However, things started to go downhill so they made me stay in my room. Being away from my new little baby was SO hard and brought on some major baby blues. Talk about torture - I had to go 24 hours without being able to see or hold my sweet little girl. To make things extra hard, Evan had such a rough time coming to visit me at the hospital; he was extremely concerned seeing me hooked up to all kinds of tubes. It broke my heart to see him so afraid. Let's just say these circumstances were not ideal.

Day three, they were finally able to move me to a regular postpartum room where I was able to take care of Gracie! This also meant that Evan was able to meet his sister for the first time. Upon meeting baby sister, he thought it was hilarious that she farted and pooped - made for a great first impression. Although he didn't want to hold her, he was extremely excited and fascinated with baby sister.

The next two nights were quite stressful for me - they said I couldn't go home until my blood pressure had gone down. However, knowing that I had to stay in the hospital until my blood pressure was under control, I became extremely anxious every time they came in to take my blood pressure - which of course only added to my already high blood pressure. However, with the help of medication, I was able to FINALLY go home on day 5!

Being at home with my sweet little family has been the biggest blessing of my life! I was talking to Dayne last night about how love is so crazy - not only does bringing a child into the world magnify your ability to love, but also makes the love you already share for others become extremely deep. I've never been so in love with this little family of mine!

In the beginning, I was really worried how Evan would react to having a little sister. However, I've been so amazed just how well he has done! He's constantly asking where his sister is and helping take care of her. He calls her "nursery" which is pretty funny - not even close to "Gracie" but makes us laugh every time.

Little Gracie is an absolute gem! Unless she's hungry or needs her diaper changed, she's such a content little girl. She brings such a warm, calm, and peaceful spirit into our home.

It really brings tears to my eyes looking at the sweet faces I get to call my family. Although the Gracie's birthing process was pretty hard for me, I'm so glad that she's here. Can't believe I get to be with this little family of four forever. How did I get so lucky? 


  1. Congrats Meagan on Gracies arrival! Thanks for posting to Facebook!

  2. What a story you've shared! Way to be a fighter for that sweet little girl. You've never been one to ever complain about trials in your life but instead you embrace them and that's pretty admirable. What a sweet experience that you had with Gracie I'm sure when you finally got to keep her and not have to "visit" her. She's adorable and whoever captured those pics of she and Evan are priceless. So happy your home together and I wish you the best these next several weeks. You can do it!

  3. I absolutely agree with Heather!!! I have told you before...but you truly are one on my HERO'S:) 3 of my 4 children have been natural births (2 by choice), but I have not suffered 9 months of morning sickness, or difficulties with children sleeping through the night (when clearly they should be). Despite all of your trials, you continue to count all your blessings! I am so happy you can enjoy your sweet little girl! I love and admire you with all my heart!