Sunday, February 22, 2015

And Then He Was Two

I can't believe my little sidekick is two! What absolute joy he brings into our home. If I could choose one word to describe Evan, it would have to be passionate. When Evan puts his mind to something, nothing can stand in his way. When Evan got his first bat, he spent hours trying to learn how to hold the bat right so he could accurately hit the ball. Evan is either passionately happy or passionately mad - there is no in-between with this kid. He loves all things Toy Story and Ninja Turtles. Although his favorite show changes on a daily basis, right now he's on an Octanauts kick. Evan has no fear of animals and has a special love for dogs and sea creatures. He has such a big imagination and is always pointing out and hiding from "dragons." Evan is all things "boy" and loves to wrestle with daddy. However, Evan has such a soft and tender side always concerned that I'm happy. I love the way he runs to me and tells me he "needs me" when he wants to be held and snuggle. This kid melts my heart! 

Evan has always had one of the happiest smiles. His smile truly lights up the room. 
Evan and Gunner have always had a special connection. I love the way he calls Gunner "Guns" and bosses him around like no body's business. 
This kid has loved hats since day one. Rarely do we go "bye bye" without a baseball cap. I love watching Evan put his hats on just like daddy. 

This kid has such a love for sports. He spends hours playing with his basketball, football, baseball, etc. He also enjoys playing outside - going to the park is one of his favorite activities. 

This kid gives the best kisses! 
Visiting Disneyland was such a highlight in Evan's life! He still has a huge love for all things Mickey related. 

This kid would live in the pool if we let him! 
Evan is passionate about books. He makes sure we have story time every day before nap time and bedtime. 

This kid is one of the pickiest eaters I know! However, I can almost always get him to eat yogurt, a tortilla, or peanut butter and honey sandwich. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I guess that I could love a little human so much. Happy Birthday little chief! 

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  1. What a happy stud! Meagan you do so well at capturing and writing about things. Your family is so stinkin cute and your doing the best things for them. There is a lot of love for sure shared between all of you.