Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Glorious Graduation

We did it! We made it through grad school! Now that Dayne is graduated and board certified, I can officially say that I'm married to a PA! I'm so proud of Dayne and all of his hard work - most importantly because through all of PA school, he always put his family first. He always made it a priority to spend time with our family when he was home; this meant he pulled MANY all-nighters to get all of his studying in. I'm so blessed to be married to such an incredible and selfless guy - not to mention, he's going to make one cute PA!

The perfect ceremony - short, sweet, to the point, and bagpipe music!
So proud of his daddy. 

Dayne and his friend Donny
Good friend Trevor (all the old married guys in his class stuck together) 

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