Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2,400 Miles

We LOVE spending time with family! Living so far away from home, we cherish every second we get to spend with our loved ones. This past month, we were beyond thrilled that we were able to make it to Dayne's family reunion - boy did we have a great time! The family rented an INCREDIBLE house by Bear Lake complete with an indoor basketball court, playground, movie theater, and slides to all of the different floors. Our weekend was full of many laughs, fun water games, fun dances, delicious eats, and great chats. I sure married into a great family!

What's better than mud and water? 

I'm SO bummed that I didn't take more pictures while at the reunion! Luckily, Dayne's mom compiled this fun lip-sync of family events - it's a must watch!  

Although it was great spending time together as a family, we also enjoyed being able to visit with Dayne's siblings one-on-one throughout the next week - what great memories! 

Late night Creamies with cousins! 
Evan with his cousin Todd - or as Evan calls him "Pot"

These boys are going to be SUCH great friends! Evan still talks about "Browy (Brody) and Hake (Hank)"! At least three times a day Evan will ask, "Where's Bowy? And Hake?" He also requests we bless them in every single prayer; safe to say he loves his cousins! 
Evan fell in LOVE with Ryan and Heather's kitties! I've never seen him so smitten! 
Can't believe Dayne wouldn't let us bring these kitties home :) 
Dayne's second cousin, Kimber. Cutest baby ever! Evan LOVED her!
SO grateful Evan was able to spend some time with his Great Grandpa Ivie! 
What a great man. 
Playing with the same toys that Dayne played with as a kid!
SO happy we got to spend some time with one of my best friends, Monica! We sure miss that family!

Some other highlights of our trip included spending time with Dayne's parents (Evan LOVED "papa's house"), visiting Grandpa Williams, Grandma Benson, Sarah & Mike, and my family. 2,400 miles later, it feels good to be home, but we sure miss our family!  

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing your life!! What an amazing person you are and so happy you and Dayne found one another:) You are a true GEM that is cherished by all who meet you! So excited for Evan to be able to share his cuteness and adorable personality with a new little one in 2015. We LOVE you all so much!