Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

We absolutely LOVED having Grandma Willvie "gramama" come visit us! While she was here, we had fun playing at the train park, eating yummy food, feeding the ducks, holding the baby chicks, shopping, and playing with many toys! Evan continues to look for "gramama" around the house.  

This kid has been all "choo-choo" talk ever since visiting the train park! He loves playing with his trains and wishes he could watch Thomas the Train 24/7. 

These two love each other more than life itself. They enjoy spending their days playing together (and causing A LOT of mischief!). 

Caught Gunner sharing half of his bone with his bff. Most parents would be disgusted, I grabbed the camera. 

We watched our friend's dog for the weekend and both Gunner and Evan were in Heaven. These 3 played together non-stop and loved having little pow-wows under the chair. 

Trying to play with all of his puppy friends outside.

This kid LOVES to read; just like his daddy! 

This is where Evan prefers to eat his snacks. 

This kid cracks me up. 

Exploring downtown Glendale and came across this gem in the back of an antique store...

He wouldn't stop foot into the splash pad, but LOVED rolling around in this disgusting puddle of mud.