Sunday, April 20, 2014

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Last week was kind of a big day at our house - Evan's first day of nursery. Now that I'm in nursery, I thought that he would do really well...wrong! I ended up having to go take up to Dayne because he was being mean and throwing temper tantrums anytime I'd even look at another child. Evan has a very sweet, loving, and tender side; full of kisses and hugs and snuggles. However, his other mischievous side has been coming out a lot lately - tantrums galore! This kid kicks and screams, hits, and pinches anytime he doesn't get his way. When I put him in time out for hitting, biting, or pinching me, he will sit there and pinch and bite his own arm while laughing hysterically. Dayne and I are in trouble!

I do have to remind myself that when Evan isn't throwing his tantrums, he is the happiest and sweetest joy on the planet! I mean, how could I get mad at that smiley face?

We got the kiddie pool out last week and Evan and Gunner loved it; Gunner even tried to swim in the 2 inches of water at the bottom of the pool. Evan's new favorite game is to try and balance his toys on Gunner's back or cover Gunner with a blanket - poor Gunner. Another one of Evan's favorite games is to hold onto Gunner's tail (for dear life) when Gunner is walking around. This activity often turns into the game "crack the whip".

Although Evan will always have a love for dogs (especially Gunner) Evan is now fluent in cat. For the past two days, he has been going around the house "meowing" constantly. He will fluctuate the "meows" if he's asking me a question or stating something. I have no idea where he learned this, but love having a little kitty around the house!

So last week, I accidentally locked my family outside for two hours. I needed a little break so Dayne let me go do a little shopping all by myself - and boy was the break heavenly. It was about 7 pm and Dayne, Evan, and Gunner were all outside when I left. Well, I guess I am in the habit of always locking the door behind me because I accidentally locked them all outside for the 2 hours I was at the store. It was dark, a little chilly, no one had shoes, and Dayne's phone was inside so he couldn't call me. I came home to Evan crying and pounding on the screen door because I had locked them all outside in the dark and cold. Mother of the year!

Yesterday, Evan went to his first Easter egg hunt. He threw a tantrum when he couldn't gather the eggs before the hunt started. However, once the hunt started, he didn't want anything to do with them because he found a ball in the first egg he opened. Trying to take Easter pictures was a joy. Obviously, we all had such a happy Easter :)

This picture was taken seconds before Evan smacked me upside the head. 

Focusing on Christ this Easter Sunday has made me so grateful for the chance I have to be with my family eternally. A few weeks ago, we were SO blessed to have my family come visit! Evan sure loves his "papa" "mamama" and "eeeeee." After they left, he went around the house calling for his best buds. Although living far away from family can be hard, it makes our time together that much more meaningful!