Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bubbles and Balls

I love everything about this kid of mine; his fascination with fine details, his love for Jesus "shish," his sweet dance moves, love for balls, zest for life, soft hugs, and kisses. I can't believe that he is almost 17 months...where did the time go?

Poor kid couldn't catch a break this past month; 2 bouts of the flu, numerous new teeth, hand foot and mouth disease, and a nasty cough/cold. However, after numerous doctor visits, sleepless nights, a trip to the ER, and medication, he's back to his normal joyful self! Thanks goodness! 

Evan's love for balls is evident in his every day life; he prefers only eating circular foods (oranges, grapes, blue berries, olives, apples, peas, etc) playing with circular toys, blowing bubbles, reading books with colored circles, wearing clothes with circular patterns, and pointing out every circle he sees. All things circle are "bubbles" or "balls". Dayne is all too proud that Evan has to sleep with his football every night. This kid is obsessed with balls from the minute he wakes up in the morning until he falls asleep with his football in hand. It's only right that he learned how to say "ball" and "bubble" before "mom."  In fact, if you put Evan in a room with balls, bubbles, books, and a dog, his life would be complete. 

Thanks for the puppy costume Nicole! He saw it in the bag and insisted on wearing it - next Halloween is just too far away:)
Evan has been having a hitting problem lately...and he is WELL aware of this problem. Every time he is mad, he will hit me and then immediately apologize by hugging me and saying "oooooh." It's pretty funny; every time he knows he does something nice, he compliments himself by shrugging his shoulders and saying "ooooh." 

I love watching him as he discovers new things. Today he saw rain for the first time (ya, we live in Arizona) and couldn't get over the water pouring from the sky. He spent the majority of the morning standing in front of the sliding doors exclaiming "Oh wow, oh wow! Wooooah!" over and over again. He's such a great example to me of seeing the beauty of the simple things in life. 

Evan and I enjoy playing all day while Dayne is busy at work! Dayne has really been enjoying his clinical rotations. Right now he is doing his OBGYN rotations. He loves being able to help with deliveries but says that seeing those newborn babies doesn't make up for everything else he has to deal with :) 

All in all, things here in Arizona are just grand! We miss living close to extended family, but love making our own family traditions and memories!