Friday, January 10, 2014

A Hilarious Anniversary

I mentioned in a previous post that we had the opportunity to attend Dayne's brother's wedding the end of December. Their wedding was a beautiful event and we are very happy for Sean and Chelsea. Their wedding day just happened to be on our 3rd anniversary and boy was it a memorable one! The day started out bright and early with an 8 am ceremony. Evan hadn't slept a wink the night before which was the perfect precursor to the day. Dayne forgot black socks, and not remembering that you have to take your shoes off in the temple, decided to wear his bright blue and orange Boise State socks. When he got to the temple and realized that he would have to remove his shoes, he tried to put on the white socks to cover these brightly covered socks. The temple matron got mad at him and told him those socks were only for the women. Dayne received many compliments pertaining to his awesome socks. For the whole rest of the day until the luncheon, Evan was a stinker (throwing tantrums, throwing things at us, kicking, screaming, etc).

We were loading up our car, ready to head to the reception, when Dayne accidentally locked the keys in the car. After about an hour of trying to unlock our car, with the help of our brother-in-law and a few Hispanic men, we finally broke into our car. We were on our way until our gps stopped working and led us to the middle of a giant field (keep in mind, Evan is throwing a tantrum in the back seat). After driving around forever and being an hour and a half late, we finally arrived to the reception - Evan wearing one sock, no shoes and no wedding colored tie to be found.

 When we finally got inside and sat down, Evan started with another one of his tantrums (when he gets into these tantrums, he will arch his back and go into this stiff mode so it's really hard to pick him up or set him down). I took him in the bathroom and the two of us sat and bawled in the stall - it had been such a frustrating day. When it was time to leave the reception, we realized that Dayne needed to give his tux to his dad in order for it to be returned. Well in the confusion of locking the keys in the car, Dayne had forgotten his change of clothes. This situation led to Dayne driving home in his garments, Boise State socks, and Sunday shoes. The crowning moment of our anniversary was watching Dayne make a mad dash to the room of our motel (3rd story outside) in his underwear. I was laughing so hard I couldn't walk! We will never forget this day! Looking back, all we can do is laugh!

I'm so happy that I married Dayne and that we've been able to share many laughs together! He's such a fun daddy and hardworking husband. Love spending every day with my best friend. I wouldn't have life any other way!

Our Wedding Day

3 years of marriage

Such a fun daddy

Okay, this picture has nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was funny! After trying to help his BFF get back inside with a hanger, he decided that his drum stick was a much more favorable choice. 


Mid December we made our way back to Arizona after 3 months in Utah. We definitely miss living close to family and friends,but it also feels good to be back enjoying divine weather. Because Dayne had to be back (for a test) before Christmas, we spent Christmas just the three of us. The Holidays were a lot quieter than we're used to, but we really enjoyed creating our own traditions.

Evan enjoyed opening his Christmas presents. He genuinely gets excited about things and would gasp and squeal with each new gift - so fun! I love hanging around that little munchkin; he cracks me up! His favorite thing to do is to throw things: he throws EVERYTHING. It's kind of a problem...His favorite words to say are "da-da" "bubble" "ball" and "what's that." He still won't say mom though. I think he like to taunt me; whenever I ask him to say "mom" he will say "mmm...bubble" or "da-da." He loves dancing and blowing bubbles outside. I love being his mom!

 A few days after Christmas, we headed to San Diego for Dayne's brother's wedding. While we were in California, it was fun to take advantage of the fun activities surrounding us! We loved going to the beach, Sea World, but most of all, spending time with Dayne's family. All 10 of Dayne's siblings were able to come to the wedding and we loved seeing everyone! The wedding ceremony was beautiful and we are excited to welcome a new sister-in-law into the family!

Santa was a huge hit this year :)
Sea World all decorated for Christmas

Evan LOVED all the fish! 

All tuckered out after exciting Sea World fun! 

The Happy Couple - Sean and Chelsea

Love the San Diego Temple

This kid LOVED the beach! Still finding sand in his ears...thanks for the picture Nicole! 

Love these two...thanks for the picture Nicole! 

Boogy Boarding...awesome picture Nicole!

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