Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fam-damily pictures!

A few weeks ago, after begging and pleading, Dayne finally allowed me to schedule a session to take some family pictures. Pictures have always meant a lot to me - they not only capture images, but memories and feelings. Well, unfortunately, after our photo shoot, Dayne told me that we were never allowed to get family pictures taken again. He said this not because of our amazing photographer, but because Evan was a pill and threw a HUGE temper tantrum. Evan started out by smiling and posing for the camera, but after about 7 minutes, he was done! He spent the rest of the photo shoot frowning, kicking and screaming. In fact, he yelled "NO" (DOE! DOE! DOE!) the entire car ride home. What a cute stinker! To say the least, I was worried that none of our pictures would turn out. However, I was amazed at what our wonderful photographer was able to capture in the 7 minutes before all heck broke loose!

Photo Credit: Lindsay Barker: I heart photography

Love this little stinker and his baby blues! 
This little 13 month old loves his grandma and grandpa, gunner, and mac n cheese. 
His favorite words are "no" (doe), "ya" (da), "grandpa" (pa pa), "dad" (dadada), "gunner" (guh), "fishes" (shishish). Still won't say "mom." Everytime I ask him to say "mom" he replies with "dadada and guh." 
Evan's favorite foods include: noodles, bananas, and goldfish. 
I love this picture: reality 

This kid is obsessed with balls. He loves bouncing balls, playing fetch with himself, and throwing balls into baskets. 
Evan loves Jesus. I like to point out pictures around the house of Jesus to Evan. The other day, I was holding him and he stood up and grinning ear to ear pointed to the wall and said (pointing to a picture of Jesus) "Sheeshish." So sweet and tender. I love how excited he gets to look at pictures of Jesus. 

A few weeks ago this little punk picked up walking and now walks everywhere. I love looking at his little Frankenstein wobble. 


  1. These turned out perfect! What a cute family you have! Amen on the will never regret having too many pictures. Evan is darling! You and Dayne are such a cute couple:)