Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My kid thinks he's a dog...

Evan cracks me up; I spend the majority of my days laughing at his mischeveous deeds. He is SUCH a busy 11 month old boy and gets into EVERYTHING! It doesn't matter how well I hide electrical cords or how many times I vacuum, he's always eating/chewing on things that he shouldn't! He will seriously comb the carpet with his fingers looking for anything he can put in his mouth! When he can't find anything that pops up and no electrical cords to suck on, he will pull up individual strands of carpet and put them in his mouth!

When he gets bored with that, he will make a run for the doggie door or try to go swimming in Gunner's water bowl. I thought the first few times were funny when he crawled out the doggie door...but when it happens a handful of times every day, I just shake my head.

We put this sliding door on top of the doggie door and Gunner and Evan worked together to find a way to take it off. Gunner will nudge the door from the bottom just enough that Evan's little hand can fit in the crack. As soon as Evan puts his hand through the crack, he will push up and out the doggie door he goes! He also figured out how to open the sliding door when it's not locked. I've found him eating dog food on the porch numerous times; what a crazy kid! Pretty sure my kid thinks he's a dog; he probably watches Gunner play outside and wonders "why does Gunner get to have all the fun while I'm locked in here?"

This picture was taken seconds after I pulled him out from the doggie door...someone decided to go swimming in Gunner's water bowl! 
When Evan isn't playing with Gunner, he enjoys playing with his balls and tackling me. One of his favorite things to do is to climb all over me while I lay on the floor.

 Evan is also a huge fan of bath time. Every time he sees the tub, he will pull himself up and look into the tub screaming and squealing with joy! He kicks and screams as I pull him away from the tub telling him that he's only allowed one bath a day (what kind of mother am I?).

But for the most part, he is one happy little guy! He babbles all day long and loves to smile and laugh! He loves saying dadada; can't say his m's yet so he will call me bob. He sure keeps me smiling, love my little man!