Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Boy and His Dog

Gunner and Evan LOVE each other; from playing to causing trouble, they do everything side by side. Evan looks for Gunner the second he wakes up and proceeds to follow him until it's bedtime. In return, Gunner continues to be a part of every family event...he follows Evan EVERYWHERE. He's there for every diaper change, bath, feeding session, play time, etc. 

Gunner is really good about not chewing on things unless we hand something to him. Well now that Evan is older, Gunner thinks it's okay to chew on anything that Evan hands him. I think Gunner and Evan have some kind of secret understanding; Gunner will bring Evan his toys and in exchange, Evan will hand Gunner his toys to chew on. I spend most of my days bringing Evan's toys back inside and getting mad at Gunner. 

I can't believe that Evan is already 10 months! As a 10 month old, Evan enjoys getting into EVERYTHING! His latest discovery: the doggie door. I spend most of my day dragging him away from the door only to have him crawl (very quickly) right back to the door. The other day I found Gunner sitting next to Evan by the doggie door; Gunner kept going in and out over and over again as if he was saying " let me show you how to do it, it isn't thaaaat." 

Evan loves playing with the television and helping mom unload the dishwasher (he thinks he's pretty special now that he can pull himself up and stand for a few seconds). 

Evan's favorite toy in the whole world is Dayne's football...this doesn't make Dayne proud at all :) Evan's also obsessed with door-stoppers. I've had to remove all of the door-stoppers in the house because he likes to unscrew the stoppers from the wall and put them in his mouth...he also enjoys chewing off the rubber ends. Another one of his favorite tricks is going swimming in Gunner's water bowl. Because it's so hot outside, I have to keep a bowl of water in the kitchen. I try and hide it under the table or around the counter, but Evan always manages to find it. He enjoys dumping the water out and kicking and splashing in the puddles. 

Besides Gunner, doggie doors, buttons, footballs, door-stoppers, and dishwashers, Evan also LOVES babies. We had Stake Conference this past weekend and Evan loved playing with all the babies. Evan's really into kissing these days and when he saw the babies, he kissed all of the baby boys on their heads and proceeded to kiss all of the girls on the lips. He would crawl up to the little girls SO fast that I didn't have time to get to him until his lips were locked with theirs. I think I'm going to be in trouble in years to come. 

His latest "cheese grin" 

What happiness (and complete chaos) this little boy and his dog bring into our home! 


  1. That was the cutest and funniest post. Evan cracks me up! You will be so glad that your documenting all these fun things ( and so will Evan some day:)) I love his shiny chunky cheeks with his huge smile. Miss you guys!

  2. Oh, Meagan! I love that post! Evan is so fun and such a character! It's awesome that him and Gunner are best buddies! I still think Brody is ten months... sounds like they are doing a lot of the same things. Can't WAIT to see you guys again and get our rascals together!!!