Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Scorcher Of A Summer

It is HOTTTT outside; I don't remember last summer being this dreadful!  After a few days of temperatures near 120, I'm ready for winter weather. Despite the heat, life is wonderful! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing little family. Although our move to Arizona was initially very hard for me, it has proven to be a wonderful blessing for our family! We are so grateful for the chance our little family has gotten to grow closer to each other. Life is grand, and I feel so blessed! Here's a rundown on the Ivie Bunch:

Dayne: Just finished his last class FOREVER! Although he enjoyed the didactic phase of PA school, he's excited to begin his rotations! He started his first rotation yesterday and really enjoys the physician that he's working with. Right now he's doing Internal Medicine; every 6 weeks he will begin a new rotation focusing on a different specialty. For those of you who don't already know, he has three rotations in Utah so we will be moving there from the end of September through the beginning of January. We will keep our place here in AZ, stay with my parents for those couple of months, and then move back to AZ to finish out his rotations. I'm so proud of Dayne's hard work; can't believe he only has one year left!

Me: I recently started a blogging job that I absolutely love! Companies send me products, I try out the product, and then post an online review. I enjoy reviewing a variety of items: baby products, clothes, home decor, food, etc. I'm in charge of 12 posts a month; this keeps me busy without stressing me out! Feel free to check out the blog: I also ADORE being Evan's mother. He makes me so happy I can hardly stand it! I can't stop kissing and pinching his rolls!

Evan: Just turned 9 months! I seriously can't believe that another month has already come and gone. He's finally sleeping through the night and taking a few naps during the day (only took him 9 months)! He's still a good eater and likes to eat every 2 hours! He's SO close to crawling! It's so funny to watch him try; he scootches around on his hands and tippy toes. He can crawl backwards, but hasn't figured out how to go forwards yet! He tries to do somersaults all day long which is hilarious! He's such a happy and content little guy! He loves playing "peek a boo" all on his own. His new love: animals. He loves playing with Gunner, watching the birds in the backyard, and looking at bugs! He squeals with joy every time he sees an animal. We went to a Diamond Backs Game for the Fourth of July and he loved watching the fireworks. He keeps me smiling all day long! I feel so blessed that his sweet spirit is in our home.

Crawling on tippy toes and hands

Love watching him attempt somersaults:) 

So lucky he's mine - 9 months

Love this little cheeser! 

Gunner: Just figured out how to take his bed out the doggie door. I feel like I'm constantly going outside and bringing his bed back inside. He's so soft and gentle with Evan. He lets Evan pull his ears, stick his fingers in his eyes, etc. Gunner and Evan are already great friends.

Some other random news, we recently moved and LOVE our new place! We love the house, love the cheaper rent, love our neighborhood, and love that we are still in the same ward! We feel very blessed for all the help that made the move go so smoothly! We miss our friends and family back in Idaho and Utah and can't wait to see our loved ones again!