Sunday, May 5, 2013

I love my boys!

Growing up in a home full of girls, I never thought I would raise a house of boys. I sure love everything about my boys (Gunner included). 

Happy Seven months baby!

Leighton, Evan's girlfriend
Bath time, my favorite time of the day:)

Evan and Gunner are best buds, they seriously LOVE each other!

Evan starts laughing whenever Gunner comes in the room. 

I love how Gunner is so soft with Evan. He will lay there and let Evan  pull on his ears. 

Just Like Daddy

The other day me and my boys were sitting on the couch. I look down and was reminded of a story Dayne's mom always talks about. When Dayne was little, he idolized his dad and tried to do everything that he did. One day, his dad was working on something and Dayne was right next to him trying to mimic every action. Kneeling on one knee just like daddy, Dayne realized he was on the wrong knee; he quickly switched knees so he could be just like his daddy.

Evan is already following in his daddy's footsteps. (I promise I did not stage this picture) What tender moments I'm privileged to share with my guys.