Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Sunshine

I seriously can't believe that it has been six months since my little sunshine was born. He makes me SO happy through his constant grin and giggle.  He's already such a good example to me by ALWAYS being happy! I feel so blessed to be his mother.
While changing his diaper, I turned my back for two seconds and when I  turned back around, he had peed all over himself, his bedding, the wall, and floor! 

Happy boy!

Happy six months Evan!

LOVE him

They are already best friends. Evan will start smiling the second Gunner walks in the room!  I love it when Evan talks to Gunner, it's the cutest thing Ever!

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  1. Oh my heck! I'm seriously doing baby talk to my screen right now :) I see a lot of Brody in him... how do you stand it?! I love that you took a picture of him peeing all over!! The other day i was changing Brod and turned to get a diaper and I heard Him gasping and gulping...Yep, he was peeing in his face! I'm totally not used that ;) Love you guys and I'm so excited to see you!