Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Dayno!

Growing up, birthdays were always a HUGE deal at my house! I LOVED having that one day a year that I felt like a queen. I decided that this was a tradition that I wanted to carry on with my family. This year for Dayne's birthday, we got a babysitter and went out for dinner the weekend before his birthday. On his actual birthday, Evan and I went and had lunch with him on campus. After he was finished with school, we had a nice dinner and a little family party. We played quirky games that ended up being SO MUCH FUN! We played finger football, bad-mitten, and finished off with a water fight. We were both dying of laughter as we drenched each other with water guns. What a fun day for such a wonderful husband, father, and friend. Love you Dayno!

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