Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebrating 91 years of life

Evan and I were SO lucky to be able to fly home and attend my Great Grandma Johnson's funeral. I always felt such a close connection to Grandma J and feel so blessed that she lived long enough to be a part of Evan's life. Not many kids can say that they were able to meet their great great grandma. We loved spending time with family and celebrating my grandma's 91 years of life. She was such a wonderful Christlike example to me and everyone she came in contact with. We love, miss, and can't wait to see you again Grandma Johnson!

Five Generations

Evan's last time with Grandma J

Love you Grandma

On the plane! Yes, I WAS that lady on the plane with the screaming  and inconsolable baby:)

Adorable Sami!

What grandma does best...he's never going to want to eat anything again after being fed candy!

Loves his aunt Sarah

The three little boys! Can't wait for their cousins to join them one day!

5 Months!

Evan makes me SO happy! I love his wide-mouth smiles, hilarious laugh, calm countenance, bright blue eyes,  and his rolls galore! It is a joy to be his mother, I love every second that I get to spend with him. Evan, thanks for bringing such a sweet spirit into our home! Happy 5 months! 

Evan loves cuddling with his daddy.

The drooling has begun!

Best buds

I LOVE this little guy!

Spring Training Game

We LOVE living in Arizona this time of year! The weather is amazing and there are so many fun community events. Dayne had a week off between semesters and we had so much fun exploring our surroundings. The highlight of the week was attending a spring training baseball game (Mariners vs Padres). It was such a fun atmosphere, we had a wonderful time!