Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday Highlights

We LOVED being able to spend the Holidays with family! Some highlights of our trip: Spending Christmas with my family, opening extremely memorable gifts, going sledding, celebrating our two year anniversary, spending New Years with Dayne's family, playing lots of games (watching Dayne play Just Dance was hilarious), eating delicious food, watching AMAZING movies (Les Miserables is a new favorite), laughing, and spending quality time together as a family. Thanks for a most memorable Holiday season!

Love my little guy! 

Going to visit Evan's great great Grandma Johnson
COUSINS! Todd-2 and a half months younger and Brody- 2 and a half months older!  Evan was Todd's same size when he was born-I hadn't realized how much Evan had grown until he was next to little Todd! So cute!
Evan and Brody-they're going to be good pals!
Such a special gift-my dad made this rocking horse for Evan! 
Thanks so much for the rocking horse Grandpa!
Reading stories with Auntie Em!
Merry Christmas!
All tuckered out on Christmas.
Proud Mama 
Sledding! haha
Passed out
I can't believe my baby is three months!
My mom had the idea to do this picture for us for Christmas. SUCH a special gift.  I have no doubt that Dayne's dad really is watching over them. Photo credit: Monica Draper. Photo editing: Vickey Riley. 


  1. Your Dad is so awesome to have made that rocking horse for Evan. It will be a treasured toy that will last and last. Love the picture of Dayne & Evan with his Dad. I'm glad you had such a special Christmas and holiday season.

  2. Meagan when we got that photo in the mail, tears instantly ran down my face! Such a neat thing. So glad you guys got to spend the holidays with look beautiful! Evan is growing and so stinkin cute! can't wait to meet him! That rocking horse your dad made is priceless! Miss you guys.

  3. Loved, LOVED seeing you guys over the holidays! Thanks for making the trek...Good thing we live next door! looking at these pictures, I am reminded again how much Brody and Evan look alike! He is so sweet and I'll never forget how he snuggled with me for a while and made the sweetest noises :) Love you guys! Thanks for making Dayne so happy and being apart of our crazy family!

  4. Meagan you are an awesome blogger and I hope to get back on track some day!! So happy you were able to spend the Holidays with BOTH Families! Evan is getting so big and we can't wait to see him in February! Love you all**

  5. Oh man, I'm not sure why but that last picture with Dayne and his dad brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful! And Evan is adorable :) Love you!