Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fam-damily pictures!

A few weeks ago, after begging and pleading, Dayne finally allowed me to schedule a session to take some family pictures. Pictures have always meant a lot to me - they not only capture images, but memories and feelings. Well, unfortunately, after our photo shoot, Dayne told me that we were never allowed to get family pictures taken again. He said this not because of our amazing photographer, but because Evan was a pill and threw a HUGE temper tantrum. Evan started out by smiling and posing for the camera, but after about 7 minutes, he was done! He spent the rest of the photo shoot frowning, kicking and screaming. In fact, he yelled "NO" (DOE! DOE! DOE!) the entire car ride home. What a cute stinker! To say the least, I was worried that none of our pictures would turn out. However, I was amazed at what our wonderful photographer was able to capture in the 7 minutes before all heck broke loose!

Photo Credit: Lindsay Barker: I heart photography

Love this little stinker and his baby blues! 
This little 13 month old loves his grandma and grandpa, gunner, and mac n cheese. 
His favorite words are "no" (doe), "ya" (da), "grandpa" (pa pa), "dad" (dadada), "gunner" (guh), "fishes" (shishish). Still won't say "mom." Everytime I ask him to say "mom" he replies with "dadada and guh." 
Evan's favorite foods include: noodles, bananas, and goldfish. 
I love this picture: reality 

This kid is obsessed with balls. He loves bouncing balls, playing fetch with himself, and throwing balls into baskets. 
Evan loves Jesus. I like to point out pictures around the house of Jesus to Evan. The other day, I was holding him and he stood up and grinning ear to ear pointed to the wall and said (pointing to a picture of Jesus) "Sheeshish." So sweet and tender. I love how excited he gets to look at pictures of Jesus. 

A few weeks ago this little punk picked up walking and now walks everywhere. I love looking at his little Frankenstein wobble. 

Jackpot, visiting, hiking, and playing

Dayne and I have had a blast living close to our family and friends! About a week ago, we had a fun time catching up with one of Dayne's good friends, Tristan. After we visited over dinner, we decided to head to the Nickle Arcade and play some sweet games. This turned out to be one of the highlights of my life: I won the jackpot 3 times!!! I have never won anything in my entire life, so this was a big moment :) At the end of the night, our tickets tallied over 1800! Happy Day! 

Evan LOVED riding the rides at the Nickle Arcade!  
We were also delighted to spend a weekend with Dayne's sister Devanee. Evan loves his aunt Devanee and stayed up playing with her until 2 am...yes, that's right Evan still hates sleeping :) 

Aunt Devanee  
Living close to the canyons, it's been fun taking advantage of some awesome hikes!  

Evan also had a fun play date with his new buddy Luke. Nothing like playing with a friend at Hoogle Zoo! 

Fall has been good to us, can't wait for winter! 

May the force be with you...

It was Dayne's year to be in charge of Halloween costumes for the family - hence the Star Wars theme. Although it's been YEARS since I've seen the movies, Dayne convinced me that it would be a good idea. I was very impressed with Dayne's mad costume skills...he stayed up for hours the night before Halloween making sure that his costume looked just like Han Solo. We had a great Halloween eating a delicious dinner, Trick-or-treating, and stuffing ourselves with candy galore! Happy Halloween from Han Solo, Princess Leia, and our little Ewok.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Fun

Although we love Arizona, Dayne and I miss the mountains! Because we are in Utah  for the next few months, we decided to take advantage of living 10 minutes away from some beautiful canyons. Nothing quite ushers in fall like crisp air, tall trees, and vibrant leaves.

The Birthday Boy

Evan was fortunate enough to get to celebrate his birthday in Idaho and Utah; what a lucky kid! It was so much fun to spend time with both sides of the family - we are so blessed to have such amazing support groups! I can't believe my baby is one! He's such a funny kid and always puts a smile on my face! 

Evan's tricks:
Panting like a dog when asked what noise a dog makes
Making turkey noises
Holding up his pointer finger when asked how old he is
Calling Gunner "Gu"
Saying "doe" for no and "da" for ya
Standing and taking a few steps at a time
Taking his diaper off
Emptying the trash can
Playing with balls (this kid tries to bounce and throw anything that's round)
Giving kisses (mouth wide open with tongue)

I am the luckiest momma in the world spending my days with my little toothless wonder (yup, still no teeth!). His smiles melt my heart, his squeals make me grin, and his sweet spirit reminds me just how blessed I am! Happy Birthday little chief! 

It sure has been one joyous year! 
Birthday Celebrations in Firth! He ate the entire cupcake! 
I'm ONE! 

Evan's animal themed birthday party! Thanks Sarah and Mom for all the help! 

My mom was the mastermind behind Evan's
"animal themed" party food!
Pretty sure Evan's favorite part of his birthday were the balloons. 
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for my awesome ball pit! 
So much fun with cousins! 

Grandpa Benson

One of my heroes, my Grandpa Benson, passed away a few weeks ago. He was such a wonderful example of serving others, working hard, and always being positive. Although he suffered from many illnesses, he always had a smile on his face. I remember asking him one time if he could remember ever living a day without pain. He replied with a simple "nope" and with a smile on his face, reminded me how good life was. He not only endured his trials, but he endured them with a smile and eternal perspective. When I was up in Rexburg, I used to love to drive down and visit Grandma and Grandpa Benson any chance I could - their house always felt like home. Spending at least 12 hours a day in his yard, I also loved spending time enjoying his "Garden of Eden." My earliest memory is of my Grandpa Benson and I spending time together; I was two years old and I remember lying on the grass near the banks of the Snake River laughing and looking at the clouds with my Grandpa; I'll cherish this memory forever. Although I will miss my Grandpa with all my heart, I have a strong testimony that families are forever and death is not the end. Love you Grandpa!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My kid thinks he's a dog...

Evan cracks me up; I spend the majority of my days laughing at his mischeveous deeds. He is SUCH a busy 11 month old boy and gets into EVERYTHING! It doesn't matter how well I hide electrical cords or how many times I vacuum, he's always eating/chewing on things that he shouldn't! He will seriously comb the carpet with his fingers looking for anything he can put in his mouth! When he can't find anything that pops up and no electrical cords to suck on, he will pull up individual strands of carpet and put them in his mouth!

When he gets bored with that, he will make a run for the doggie door or try to go swimming in Gunner's water bowl. I thought the first few times were funny when he crawled out the doggie door...but when it happens a handful of times every day, I just shake my head.

We put this sliding door on top of the doggie door and Gunner and Evan worked together to find a way to take it off. Gunner will nudge the door from the bottom just enough that Evan's little hand can fit in the crack. As soon as Evan puts his hand through the crack, he will push up and out the doggie door he goes! He also figured out how to open the sliding door when it's not locked. I've found him eating dog food on the porch numerous times; what a crazy kid! Pretty sure my kid thinks he's a dog; he probably watches Gunner play outside and wonders "why does Gunner get to have all the fun while I'm locked in here?"

This picture was taken seconds after I pulled him out from the doggie door...someone decided to go swimming in Gunner's water bowl! 
When Evan isn't playing with Gunner, he enjoys playing with his balls and tackling me. One of his favorite things to do is to climb all over me while I lay on the floor.

 Evan is also a huge fan of bath time. Every time he sees the tub, he will pull himself up and look into the tub screaming and squealing with joy! He kicks and screams as I pull him away from the tub telling him that he's only allowed one bath a day (what kind of mother am I?).

But for the most part, he is one happy little guy! He babbles all day long and loves to smile and laugh! He loves saying dadada; can't say his m's yet so he will call me bob. He sure keeps me smiling, love my little man!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Boy and His Dog

Gunner and Evan LOVE each other; from playing to causing trouble, they do everything side by side. Evan looks for Gunner the second he wakes up and proceeds to follow him until it's bedtime. In return, Gunner continues to be a part of every family event...he follows Evan EVERYWHERE. He's there for every diaper change, bath, feeding session, play time, etc. 

Gunner is really good about not chewing on things unless we hand something to him. Well now that Evan is older, Gunner thinks it's okay to chew on anything that Evan hands him. I think Gunner and Evan have some kind of secret understanding; Gunner will bring Evan his toys and in exchange, Evan will hand Gunner his toys to chew on. I spend most of my days bringing Evan's toys back inside and getting mad at Gunner. 

I can't believe that Evan is already 10 months! As a 10 month old, Evan enjoys getting into EVERYTHING! His latest discovery: the doggie door. I spend most of my day dragging him away from the door only to have him crawl (very quickly) right back to the door. The other day I found Gunner sitting next to Evan by the doggie door; Gunner kept going in and out over and over again as if he was saying " let me show you how to do it, it isn't thaaaat." 

Evan loves playing with the television and helping mom unload the dishwasher (he thinks he's pretty special now that he can pull himself up and stand for a few seconds). 

Evan's favorite toy in the whole world is Dayne's football...this doesn't make Dayne proud at all :) Evan's also obsessed with door-stoppers. I've had to remove all of the door-stoppers in the house because he likes to unscrew the stoppers from the wall and put them in his mouth...he also enjoys chewing off the rubber ends. Another one of his favorite tricks is going swimming in Gunner's water bowl. Because it's so hot outside, I have to keep a bowl of water in the kitchen. I try and hide it under the table or around the counter, but Evan always manages to find it. He enjoys dumping the water out and kicking and splashing in the puddles. 

Besides Gunner, doggie doors, buttons, footballs, door-stoppers, and dishwashers, Evan also LOVES babies. We had Stake Conference this past weekend and Evan loved playing with all the babies. Evan's really into kissing these days and when he saw the babies, he kissed all of the baby boys on their heads and proceeded to kiss all of the girls on the lips. He would crawl up to the little girls SO fast that I didn't have time to get to him until his lips were locked with theirs. I think I'm going to be in trouble in years to come. 

His latest "cheese grin" 

What happiness (and complete chaos) this little boy and his dog bring into our home!