Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Gunner

I had never thought of myself as a dog person until we got a dog. Gunner is SO weird, quirky, annoying, and funny-we love him to death and wouldn't have him any other way. He keeps us laughing and is a part of the fam. This week he turned 1 so we decided to honor him by doing a few of his favorite things:
  • We started out the evening by "saying" the words to Happy Birthday-Gunner HATES it when we sing. 
  • We let him take out the trash with us-this is one of his most favorite past times. Whenever he sees a garbage bag, he freaks out. 
  • We let him sit in the front seat on the way to the dog park-the back seat just doesn't cut it for him haha 
  • On the way to the dog park, we all stuck our heads out the windows-it was quite delightful and now Dayne and I see why he likes it haha 
  • When we got home, Gunner got a bowl of cereal-yes his most favorite food in the whole world is cereal. 
  • We took turns putting his blanket over his head-his FAVORITE game! 
  • We ended the evening by giving Gunner a GIANT bone shaped as a candy cane wrapped in tissue paper-he liked the tissue paper just as much as the bone. For the last few days, a common phrase in our home as been, "Gunner, watch where you are going with that stupid cane!" It is seriously like 4 feet long and hits everything in sight when he carries it around. 
Ya, we are pretty weird, but we had fun celebrating Gunner's quirkiness! Happy Birthday Gunsmith! 

When Dayne went to "pick" Gunner, he said he knew Gunner was "the one" because he was away from the rest of the group, kept falling into a bucket, and would walk in between Dayne's legs and make Dayne trip. 
Cutest puppy ever! 
All curled up to his brush haha

Always wants to be a part of EVERYTHING at our house

Unwrapping his bone