Monday, November 26, 2012

Life with the babe

I have to admit, as wonderful as it is to be a mother, it's a whole lot harder than I ever imagined. I thought that since I wouldn't be working that I would have a TON of time to get things done...haha WRONG! I never realized just how busy newborns are! Between the constant feedings, diaper changes, outfit changes (mine and his), etc I have a full day! Dayne will often come home from school to see Evan and I still be in our pajamas, the house a mess, and no dinner made; I look at him and say "I know it doesn't look like I've been busy, but I haven't had down time all day." haha However, every time I get to snuggle my little one or see a smile on his face, it makes everything worth it! I just grow to love our little family more and more every day. I'm so grateful that because of the gospel and a loving Heavenly Father, I get to be with my family forever. A few weeks ago, Dayne's family came to visit and we had so much fun! Thanks for coming Dean family and Grandma and Grandpa Willvie!

Dayne's sister Nicole! We're so happy that they now live only a few hours away. 

My little chunk at 3 weeks

Dean cousins

Dayne's wonderful mother. We sure enjoyed his parents coming to visit!

Grandma Willvie

Grandma and Grandpa Willvie

Folding his little fingers

Ya, this bone was gone in no time!

Almost a month!

Haha, one night, his was the only position that would stop him from screaming his head off. 

7 weeks!!! Love him!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a gem, seriously! First of all those blessing pictures are absolutely beautiful and you guys look like such happy/grateful new parents. It's tough, you know well, but you also know how great a blessing it is to have a new spirit in your home. So happy for you guys, and he is SO CUTE!