Friday, July 6, 2012


A few bits and pieces of randomness-

First, Gunner's new trick is giving hugs. Don't worry, Gunner isn't a giant, Dayne is kneeling down in this picture.

Second, I got my first nursing job! It's at a behavioral health center that is a few miles from our house. Not my absolute first choice, but I'm very grateful to have a job. I start in a little over a week and am praying that my health will allow me to work!


  1. Meagan, you've posted so many great posts! I am so glad the Deans were able to come visit you guys and it sounds like it was so much fun! Love the name you guys have picked for your sweet little one and it's about time you have a belly!! Shoot, you look great...but you should with all the sickness you've had to put up with. I really really hope and pray that this home health thing will work out for you. Congrats on the job and I hope it's a great experience for you. Love that you crave candy...that's totally what I craved with Hattie. What a fun 4th of July celebration and it sounds like you're making friends...doesn't surprise me one bit! Take care and we miss you guys.

  2. Thanks Heather! We think about you guys all the time and hope that everything is going well! Say hi to everyone for me:)