Saturday, July 21, 2012

27 Weeks and Counting

Wahoo, I've almost made it to my third trimester! It blows my mind to think that in 3 months we will have a baby. I get so excited every time I think about meeting little Evan. Life hasn't been too exciting lately, but here's the Ivie family update:

Gunner: Caught a bird this week. He was out in the yard longer than he normally stays and when I went to go check on him, I noticed him just laying on the patio playing with what I thought was a "toy." However, I soon noticed that the "toy" was surrounded by feathers...poor little bird. It was SO disgusting.... We get quite a few crickets in and around our house that seem to keep him pretty preoccupied.

Baby Evan: Weighs almost 2 pounds, the size of a cauliflower, and with his legs extended is about 14 1/2 inches long. He has more than doubled his size in the past 15 weeks. He can now open and close his eyes, suck on his fingers, and recognize voices. His movements are now bigger than ever and can be seen just by looking at my belly. Can't wait for our little guy to get here!

Dayne: School is keeping him busier than ever. His classes are pretty rough, but he is studying hard and doing well. He only has about a month left of the term so he is getting excited for a little break. His new hobby is golfing; lucky for him, there are TONS of golfing courses in our area. Despite being pretty busy with school, he still finds time to read his nerdy books :)

Me: Thanks to all of the prayers on my behalf, the zofran pump has worked MIRACLES! Although I still get sick a few times a day, the pump has made life SO much better; I feel I can function pretty normally again. Although my nausea and vomiting are pretty much under control, my kidneys have started giving me a little trouble. Last week I went in and was diagnosed with hydronephrosis. Basically it's swelling of the kidney and ureter because of my growing uterus. The flare-ups come and go and feel like I'm passing a kidney stone-it's pretty painful. Unfortunately, this will last until the baby is born, but the end is in sight! I feel so blessed by all the many prayers that have been said on my behalf-thank you so much-I can sure feel them! I know that it is only because of these prayers that I've been able to start working! I'm very grateful to have a job and will work as long as my health allows! Thanks again for your love and support! Here are a few preggo shots going into my third trimester:


  1. So cute Meagan! What a great little update. SSSOOO glad the zofran pump has been deserve some relief :) Love the name choice! Little Evan is going to be SO cute!

  2. 27 weeks and lookin' great! Can't wait to meet Mr. Evan. Hope the kidney thing gets better for you