Monday, June 25, 2012

Twizzlers, Gummy Worms, and Sour Patch

Life continues to be an adventure. When I started getting "morning sickness" before I knew I was pregnant, I never dreamed that it would last this long. However, after attending my first appointment at my new doctor's office, I finally feel that there's hope. Although the baby continues to grow, I am coming up on 24 weeks and still 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum aka morning sickness on steroids. I was referred to a home health agency that is going to come and help take care of me-give me IVs if I need them, zofran pump, etc. I am SO thrilled to feel that there's hope. 

I LOVE being able to feel my little guy squirm, kick, and jab. It's one of the coolest feelings in the world and reminds me of the wonderful blessing that will soon be in our lives. Dayne loves talking to the baby and feeling him kick. The baby becomes extremely active when he hears his daddy's voice. I can tell already that they are going to have such a special bond.

Here's my "preggo" shot coming up on 24 weeks. 

Although I haven't "craved" a lot of food, there have been a few foods that sound good all the time: Twizzlers, gummy worms, and sour patch. It's funny because I've never hated these candies, but have never loved them. They are now staples in our home. As soon as I run out, I make Dayne take me to the store to replenish my supply. I know they aren't healthy, but they help get me through my day.

My Staples
Dayne continues to work hard in school. He's not too fond of his biochemistry class, but really likes his other classes. He studies hard, but still manages to spend a lot of time with me. I think I see him more now than I did during his undergrad. Although we both wish we lived a little closer to Midwestern University, it's nice that we can separate his school life from his home life. We're best friends and still just as in love as ever. Last night as we were both dying from laughter over the stupidest thing, I thought to myself, "Wow, I really am SO blessed to be married to my best friend." I'm sure he gets tired of my complaining and sickness, but he's such a trooper and I'm so in love with him.

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