Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time is FLYING!

I can't believe how fast time flies!!! Although it feels like I've been going to college forever, I CAN'T believe that Dayne and I will be graduating at the beginning of April! Dayne will graduate with his Exercise Science degree and I will have my Registered Nursing Degree! After that, off to grad school! Dayne has been accepted to PA (Physician Assistant) School so we are 99.9% sure we will be headed to Midwestern University in Glendale Arizona in May! It will be hard living so far away from all of our family and friends, but we are excited to start our new adventure. 

Gunner is growing up SO fast! He has tripled his weight and size in the six weeks that we have had him! Although he can be SUPER frustrating at times, we love him to death! It is crazy just how much personality he has. He has such funny quarks that keep us laughing. Gunner's favorite past-times include: Unrolling all of our toilet paper rolls, taking everything out of the garbage can immediately after I put it in the garbage can, taking everything out from under our bed, carrying around our shoes for hours at a time, shredding anything that makes noise (tissue paper is his favorite), sleeping in weird places/odd positions, cuddling, snoring VERY loudly, learning new tricks, chewing on brushes, undoing shoe laces, "lurping" around (he is still trying to grow into his paws and looks hilarious when he runs), taking all of the books out of our book shelf, hiding our keys, and chewing all of our electrical cords. Oh the joys of having a pup! He can be quite the stinker, but I sure love the little guy!

Ya, we're buds!

This is how I found him sleeping the other day. All cuddled up to my nursing books:) That  CAN NOT be comfortable!