Monday, October 24, 2011

The Proposal

Today in class, Brother Williams brought up the question “Does the ‘proposal’ part of marriage matter?” This made me reflect back to a little over a year ago when Dayne popped the question. Although the proposal didn’t end up being the surprise that he had planned, what mattered to me was that he respected me and my family enough to ask for my dad’s permission. It was the right time, we were doing the right thing, and we were doing things the right way; those reasons alone mattered most to me in relation to our proposal.
It all started towards the end of September when Dayne and I started looking at rings. I found the ring of my dreams and basically told him that he could “choose” any ring that he wanted, my I loved a certain ring with all my heart. Because we were in school, life was crazy and we decided to go down to Utah one weekend so that he could ask my dad’s permission to marry me. My mom had expressed the desire to be there after he proposed; so basically I knew that I would be getting engaged that weekend. However, Dayne still wanted the engagement to be a surprise so he told me that the ring he bought wouldn’t be ready in time for him to propose that weekend. He told me not to get my hopes up because he wasn’t going to propose. I “believed” him and didn’t say another word.
Well, as we were on our way down to Utah, we were discussing what time we needed to head back the following Sunday. Dayne paused a moment and said, “Well, we will probably want to leave kind of early because my parents will want to see us after we get engaged.” He paused as a look of dread came over him, yep he blew it. However, I felt bad so I pretended I didn’t really catch on. After a few minutes of dead silence Dayne piped up with a stupid comment like, “because you know, it’s kind of like we are engaged so my parents want to say hi to us.” Hahaha, it was SO hard not to laugh. But I kept my cool and pretended I was really stupid.
The next day, Saturday, for some reason, I was in such a bad mood. However, I had to pretend that I was fine because I knew Dayne would be proposing that night. We started out the night by going out to eat dinner. We then drove around to all of the different places that were full of wonderful memories. Our whole date was a trip down memory lane. At the end of the night, Dayne suggested that we stopped by temple square because the temple looked so pretty. I knew what was going to happen and wanted to make things a little difficult so I replied, “well, it’s pretty late, let’s just go home.” So after arguing about going to temple square, we ended up going.
 Because I am a girl, I am very in tune with things- I knew that the ring was in his jacket pocket in the back seat. He then got out of the car and grabbed his jacket. It was a warm night and I made some “smart” comment like “Dayne, it’s so warm outside, leave your jacket in the car.” By then I think he caught on that I knew what was going on. However, once we got to the reflection pool by the temple, everything fell into place. He talked about how all of the places we had stopped at during our date had been full of wonderful memories. He then stopped and said that there was one more memory he hoped to always remember. He then knelt down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was so sweet. I said yes and as we were hugging, I could hear his heart beating louder and faster than I had ever heard a heart beating before. It was adorableJ  There was a crowd of older women who were in the background watching the whole thing and as I said “yes” they all started applauding. It was prefect and everything I had ever hoped for.
The night was not over, there was a carriage awaiting us that took us all around down town Salt Lake. As we were driving, we heard a lady yell our names. As we looked, we saw my aunt and told her the good news. She started screaming and jumping up and down. It was quite the night.
I love Dayne so much and feel so grateful that he asked me to be his wife. Although the “surprise” element wasn’t really involved with our proposal, it was one of the best days of my life.
This picture is from the night we were engaged-September 2010.

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