Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boys VS Girls

Boys and girls are SO different. The longer I've been married, the more I have realized and learned to value the many differences between sexes. This week, I really enjoyed discussing these differences; however, I understand that these descriptions apply to society in general. Males: very task oriented, focus on skills, more aggressive, mature 2-3 years later than women, one track mind. Females: over analyze, detail oriented, place high value on relationships, able to multitask.
I feel that the gender differences apparent in my marriage reflect many of these characteristics. When Dayne is focused on something, it is very hard to get his attention. The other night, he was reading his book and jokingly I turned to him and said, “When you’re reading it’s like I don’t even exist.” No comment on Dayne’s end. He honestly did not even hear me and I had to tell him about this incident later. This is a perfect example of the way the typical male mind works. On the other hand, girls are very good at doing many things at once. I commonly find myself doing homework in other classes while still being able to listen and understand the class lecture.
Boys typically bond through activities. Dayne and his buddies often “grow closer” through video games and sports. When my friends and I get together we do what most girls do: talk. I feel that my relationships grow when I can talk and be understood by the people around me.
Although I will never be able to understand the way the male mind works, I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to learn how to value these many differences.         

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  1. Meagan, your blog is darling! What a neat opportunity to write down some feelings you have about your family relationships. I am so grateful you are in MY family. You are such a blessing to my brother and to us. Your sweet spirit is felt wherever you are and by whomever you're with. I miss and love you guys! Hopefully we'll see you at Christmas. I love reading your thoughts! Keep them coming.

    Love, Natalie
    PS...give that brother of mine a hug from the Cooks!